College of Business
Hospitality and Tourism Management Program, Department of Business Administration

Dr. Cynthia Mayo, Professor/Director

EMail & Phone Number
(302) 857-7992

Short Bio

Dr. Mayo, Cynthia
Associate Professor
Director, Hospitality and Tourism Management
Email and Telephone Number
Ph: 302 857-7992

Office Hours and Location
Monday: 3-4:30 PM
Tuesday 2-4:00 PM
Wednesday 1:00-3:00 PM
Thursday 8:30-9:30 AM
Room 210
MBNA Building
Delaware State University
1200 N. DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901

Educational Qualifications
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VPI &SU). June 1981, Blacksburg, VA
Major: Hospitality Administration and Business (Nutrition)
Master of Business Administration, Delaware State University, 2006
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Hampton University, 1992
Master of Arts, Economics, Virginia State University, 1991
Master of Science, Education, Virginia State University, 1973
Bachelor of Science, Home Economics Education, Hampton Institute, 1964

Recent Refereed Journal Publications
Mayo, C. (2008) Hospitality Redefined, Hosteur, Spring 2008
Mayo, C. (2008) Hospitality Graduates, Hosteur, Spring 2008

Mayo, C. and Thomas-Haysbert, (2005), Competencies Needed by Hospitality Graduates, The Consortium Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Volume10, No. 2, 21-26.

Mayo C. and Zinna Bland, Leading in the Hospitality Industry, Hosteur, Volume 13, Issue ½, 2004, p. 15-18.
Mayo, C. (2006), So You want to be President, National Parliamentarian, Volume 67, 2006,, pp.14-16.

Past Refereed Journals of Published Works
<i>The Journal of the American Dietetics’ Association

School Food Service Review


Food Management

Conference Presentations/Proceedings

Mayo, C. and Kwansa, Francis, “Intangible Assets: Values to Corporations,” ICHRIE Conference, 2007, Symposium, Dallas Texas

Mayo, C. and Thomas-Haysbert, C.,” Assurance of Learning: Strategies and Models” ICHRIE Conference, 2007, Dallas, Texas

Thomas-Haysbert, C. and Mayo C. Graduate Satisfaction, ICHRIE Conference, 2006, Arlington, VA

Mayo, C. and Thomas-Haysbert, C, “Competencies Needed by Graduates, ICHRIE, Arlington, VA 2006

Mayo, C. and Kwansa, F. “The Jamaican Model of Assessment”, ICHRIE, 2005, Philadelphia, PA

Mayo, F. and mayo, C. Webquests: An Interactive Tool, ICHRIE, 2005, Philadelphia, PA

Mayo, C. “HTM Graduates,” ICHRIE, 2003, 2004, International Conference on Business, Sheraton, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mayo, C. “Leadership Skills Needed by Hospitality Graduates,” ICHRIE Conference, Rosen Hotel, Orlando Florida, 2003.

Books/Book Chapters/Courses
Noriega, Pender and Mayo, C, (2005) Contemporary Approaches to Hospitality and Tourism Management, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall Publishers.

Chapter Contributor, (2006, 2008) Chapter 27 Hotel and Lodging Operations, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Iowa: Kendall /Hunt Publishing Company.

Developed and presented the National Tour Association’s Strategic Packaged Travel Organization, Financial Management Course, 2007-2008-Mohegan Sun Hotel, April 3, 2008

Industry Experience/International Travel
Director of School Food Services, Richmond Public Schools, 1989-1991

June, July, Teacher Intern, Phillip Morris USA, 1999-Canteen Food Services

Marriott International, Marriott Courtyard, Intern, 2000

Marriott International, Marriott, Teacher Intern, 2001

South America

Student Assessment Grant, Awarded to HTM, Delaware State University-Marriott Foundation-$6,000
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Recent Publications

Mayo, Cynthia, Friorile, George, Mayhee, Richard (2013) The Power of Branding, Case Study

Journal of Hospitality Cases, International, Volume 2, Number 3, 2013 CHRIE, Publishers

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